This is the course syllabus. If I update the syllabus during the semester, I will also update this file.  Be sure to refer to this with any questions about due dates, exams, or breaks.

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Design Hint: To replace this syllabus with your own:
  1. create a pdf of your syllabus (if you're not sure how to do that, you can use, a free online program for file conversion)
  2. click on more button 
  3. click on "Manage Site" (under Site Actions)
  4. click on "Attachements"
  5. click on "Upload" and upload your syllabus (created in step 1)
  6. still in Attachments, find the file you just uploaded, and right-click (secondary click) on "View"
  7. select "Copy Link Address"
  8. return to your website and the syllabus page 
  9. click on the pencil to pencil-edit page icon enter edit mode
  10. click on "Google Gadget"
  11. in the menu bar that appears, click on the gear properties gear to edit  properties
  12. in the box marked "Document / page ULR (required)" paste the URL (copied in step 7)
  13. click "Ok"
  14. click "Save" to save and view changes