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Plumeria Terms and Lingo

"What's a NOID?" is a question we get a lot. As with any discipline, there are some plumeria-specific terms that the newbie may not be familiar with. If you run into something you'd like explained that's not on this list, email us and we'll try to add it (if we know).

 acclimatization Process of moving a plant from one climate to another without shocking it, such as from a greenhouse to an external site.
 bag rooting
 Placing a plumeria cutting in a plastic sandwich-style bag with a small amount of growing medium to engender roots
 blue plumerias
 Do not exist. Run away from anyone trying to sell you one.
 cultivar Variety of plumeria that has been cultivated, that is, that did not occur in the wild.
 grafting Process of affixing the branch from one plant to the rootstock of another plant to form one complete plant.
 inflo Abbreviation of inflorescence, the flower spike that plumerias bloom in.
 midcut A cut from the center of a plumeria branch, with no tips or roots to indicate which side is up. Look to the leaf scars on the stem and make sure they "smile" to plant it.
 NOID No identification, used to specify an unknown variety of plumeria. May be labelled "Unknown" or "No ID."
 pot rooting
 Placing a plumeria cutting in a pot with growing medium to begin roots
 seedling 1. A plumeria plant grown from seed, as differentiated from one grown from a cutting. Plumerias grown from seeds are not true to the parent plant, so do not buy seeds of a particular variety expecting to get that variety. There's no guarantee or even probability.
 2. A cultivar developed or registered by a specific person from a plumeria grown from seed, such as, 'Autumn Sunrise' is one of Carl and Joy Herzog's seedlings.