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Flower Show FAQ

Q.    Do I have to be a member of SCPS to enter the flower show?
A.    No.

Q.    What is the entry fee?
A.    Nothing. Entry is free.

Q.    What do I have to bring to enter?
A.    You need to bring plumeria blossoms or inflos. We provide the vases.

Q.    What would I win?
A.    You may win a ribbon for placing in your class, a rosette if your bloom is the best in its section, and for the very best, the Jeanette Matson Best in Show Award.

Q.    What do you do with all the entries at the end of the flower show?
A.    If they would like them back, exhibitors are expected to pick up their entries by 2PM on Sunday before the flower show closes; otherwise the entries become the property of the SCPS.

Q.    What's this I hear about blind judging for the flower show?
A.    The identities of all entrants are concealed from the judges to not bias them. You may have heard about our partnership for many years with the San Diego Center for the Blind. Our fragrance categories are judged by visually-impaired judges so that the look of the flower has no influence on the result.

Q.    Do I have to register in advance to enter the flower show?
A.    The only categories requiring advance registration are the educational presentation, the floral arrangement, the photography and the plumeria lei categories, since we need to make sure we have enough space for all the entries. Email us to let us know you're interested in photography, lei or floral arrangements before September 2nd.

Q.    How do I know what class to enter in?
A.    We have volunteers to help you sort through our classifications. But the basic questions are:
  • Is this an inflo or a bloom?
  • Are you entering it in the fragrance category or in the general categories?
  • Is it a plant that you grew from a seed yourself? Growing seedlings takes hard work and persistence and seedling developers get separate classes to recognize their hard work (Sections VI, VII, VIII, or IX).
Q.    What's an inflo?
A.    The whole bloom spike instead of the single floret.

Q.    Who judges a flower show, anyway?
A.    We look for people who have many years of experience with their specific section or class who do not plan to enter our flower show (always the tough part!). Our fragrance category judges are from the San Diego Center for the Blind, so they judge on fragrance and not appearance.

Q.    What's the People's Choice Award?
A.    The People's Choice Award is determined by votes from the public to the show between 11AM and 3PM on Saturday, September 3rd. Entry is limited to one per person.

Q.    How do I enter a plumeria photograph?
A.    You may enter one or two 5x7 glossy finish photos per exhibitor. We will mat the photos with  a standard mat for display. Photos must be previously unpublished, taken within the last year, and only contain flowers and plants, no people or animals. This year, we are asking that you submit a digital version of the photo for all entries by Fri, Sept 2. The judge will not see the digital copies; judging will be based on the physical print. If Photoshop is used to enhance the photograph, entrants must do their own Photoshop work and not hire someone else to do so.  No composite images are allowed. Entry grants SCPS the right to replicate the photo in newsletter or other SCPS publications without remuneration; exhibitor's copyright will be noted in any use. Exhibitors will not be allowed to keep the mats after the competition. If you would like to enter a photograph, you must pre-register by September 2nd  by emailing Betsy and Jerry Markle at gemarkle@cox.net with Photo Registration listed on the subject line.

Q.    How do I enter a plumeria floral arrangement?
A.    The arrangements must be multi-bloom, in a vase or container, made of natural, non-endangered materials and fit in an 18”x18”x18” space.  You must pre-register for this section. Limit two arrangements per person. Arrangements must be picked up by 2PM on Sunday or they will become property of the SCPS. If you would like to enter an arrangement, you must pre-register by Friday, September 2nd  by emailing Betsy and Jerry Markle at gemarkle@cox.net with Arrangement Registration listed on the subject line.

Q.    How do I enter a Plumeria Lei?
A.    The Lei must  contain plumeria  blooms as its common element.   All Lei shall be made with natural plant materials and limited to flowers, leaves, stems, roots, fruits, pods and seeds.  Lei using non-natural material, artificial treatment, or coloring of natural materials are not allowed.  String, thread, yarn or dental floss may be used in the construction of the Lei, but NO WIRE OR TAPE.    No endangered materials shall be used.

 All Lei must have a 2-inch (5.1cm) loop (for hanging) at the top; with a 2-inch (5.1cm) tail at the bottom end (this identifies the top and bottom of the lei). Lei need to be left untied. The length of the Lei must be a minimum of 30 inches (76.2cm) and maximum of 36 inches(91.4cm) long - does not include 2-inch (5.1cm) loop and 2-inch (5.1cm) tail. Measurement will be taken from the knot of the 2-inch loop to the knot at the end of the Lei.

If you are entering your Lei to this display class, you must notify the Flower Show Coordinator via email starting August 1st, and no later than August 28th so that the display area can be prepared .