Flower Show

Our Flower Show, held during our Hawaiian Plumeria Festival in Balboa Park every Labor Day weekend, is the largest adjudicated plumeria flower show in the world (that we know of). Since its beginning, the number of entries has expanded from a hundred to near-thousands.

2017 Flower Show Results Congratulations to Linda Ohara for winning Best of Show with Lover's Full Moon!

Photos of the 2017 Flower Show Winners

Entry Info

  • Anyone may enter; need not be an SCPS member
  • No cost to enter
  • Entries accepted Saturday 8:30 am - 11 am
  • See Flower Show classifications
  • Download Flower Show tag:
  • Flower Show Entry forms 
  • Flower Show DIsplay Class Entry forms
    IMPORTANT: Make sure you cut the tags exactly 2¾" wide and 5½" long!
  • Download Color Reference Guide (PDF), with direction on which blooms to enter in which category.

  • Please keep in mind that there are separate categories for seedling entries. A seedling is a plant grown from a seed by the exhibitor. Plants grown from sports or acquired as anything other than a seed (a cutting from the dump in Hawaii or a sport) should all be entered in sections I through V. If you did not nurture that tiny little plumeria seed into a full-grown plant, you should not be entering in Sections VI, VII, VIII, or IX and your entry can be disqualified. But you can still enter it in Sections I, II, III, IV or V (except Class 8). Growing seedlings takes hard work and persistence and seedling developers get separate classes to recognize their hard work.

  • If you're still having problems figuring out which category to enter, check out this flow chart (PDF).

  • Please bring as many blooms and inflorescences as you can. Flower entered in normal classes can have a duplicate (second) flower entered in the Scent Division.

  • While there is no limit on the number of blooms you can enter, you may only enter one bloom of each variety in a single class. You're not allowed to dump one tree's worth of blooms in one Section and Class in hopes of getting a prize.

  • You CAN enter blooms that are unidentified. Just put "Unknown" or "No ID" in the name field on the form.

  • We provide all the single flower vases, the tumblers for the inflorescences, and entry tags.

  • Prizes: There will be first, second, & third place ribbons in every category. There will also be a beautiful Rosette for each of the nine section winners. Best of Show will be chosen from the section winners. The winner will receive the Best in Show plaque - the Jeanette Matson Memorial Award, plus listed on the perpetual trophy posted at the Show.

  • Still have questions? Let's go to the FAQ!

Flower Show Sections:

• Section I: Small blooms (up to 3")
• Section II: Large blooms (more than 3")
• Section III: Inflorescences
• Section IV: Fragrances
• Section V: Spiders*
• Section VI: Seedlings, small
• Section VII: Seedlings, large
• Section VIII: Seedlings, inflorescences
• Section IX: Seedlings, fragrances

Color Classes:

1. White
2. Yellow
3. Salmon-Orange
4. Pink
5. Red
6. Bicolor
7. Rainbow
8. All Other Colors (AOC)*

Fragrance Classes:

1. Classic
2. Floral
3. Fruit
4. Spice
5. Unique

Display Classes†:

Plumeria Arrangements

Plumeria Photographs

Educational Displays

People's Choice

Plumeria Lei

* In Section V, Spiders, Class 8 is seedling raised by the exhibitor, not AOC.

† Display classes are ineligible for the Jeanette Matson Best in Show Award.

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