Festival & Sales

These events are widely considered to be some of the best plumeria events in southern California, one of the largest and most diverse plumeria plant sales and the country's largest adjudicated plumeria flower show, expanding every year to include photography, flower arrangements, leis and educational displays. All our sales are held in the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park and are free to the public. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Southern California Plumeria Society.

Here is some parking advice for the Festival:


Parking in Balboa Park lots is free. If you can't find parking close to the Casa del Prado, it's best to park in the Inspiration Point parking lot (on the east side of Park Blvd., between Presidents Way and the Balboa Park Activity Center) for easy access to the heart of Balboa Park via the free tram. Take the tram to the Plaza de Panama tram stop and walk to the Casa del Prado.


We're happy to hold your plants for you until 3 pm while you enjoy Balboa Park. Plus, our plant runners will be happy to take plants to the loading zone (on the street east of the Casa del Prado) and wait with your plants while you get your car.


Here's a map and full tram info:


Say, can you tell me where I can get a plumeria?

As one of the nation's largest plumeria societies, we often get requests for referrals to businesses and growers who carry plumerias. Sometimes people ask us where they can get a particular variety or size.

We are an independent, non-profit flower society, and we have chosen to operate unconstrained by commercial or advertising interests. This means 100% of our efforts are subsidized by memberships, donations, and events, and which also means that we can be transparently honest and unbiased in offering advice and expertise to the public.

We consider our annual sales events to be the gold standard of plumeria sales. To participate, vendors must be a member in good standing of the Society and have performed volunteer services. They must abide by a contract that specifies their name and phone number must appear on every plant they sell so that if a customer is unhappy with their purchase, he or she can contact the vendor to discuss it. While potted plants should be healthy and well-rooted, some cuttings may not root even with the best care, and so it may be at the discretion of the vendor or the Society to replace a cutting that does not root. If you are unhappy with a vendor's suggested resolution, contact the Society to discuss it. We want to know if a customer is getting what he or she considers a sub-par plant.

Since we cannot maintain the high level of quality control we strive for at our sales in the larger world, we do not offer referrals for plumeria plant sales. There is no way we could track the year-round inventory of every grower to direct people to find a particular variety, as much as we would like to help.

If you are looking for blooms in the dormant season, we wholeheartedly endorse Molokai Plumerias. Their shipping and blooms are beyond compare; we have used them for more than 10 years for our out-of-season bloom needs.