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Board of Directors

President: Dawn Sullivan

Vice-President: Don Doerfler

Secretary: Roman Kuchkuda

SCPS Contacts

Annual Sales Events: Patty Ochenduszko

Community Events and Volunteers: Terry Walston

Calendar: Maggie Forys

Doorprizes: Kirsten Peraino

Educational fund: Don Doerfler

Journal Editor: Ava Chan-Crowder

Membership: Tina O'Neill

Outreach: Leanne Preihs

Public relations: Mike Atkinson

Raffle table: Andy Oltman

Retail Sales Tables: Richard Pires

Technical Advisor: Jonathan Arendt

Tree Trimming: Jeff Sharp

Free Tree Trimming Service Information

In keeping with the Society's aims of promoting the understanding and research of plumeria, we have established an educational outreach fund to support academic scientific research on plumerias as well as to educate prospective landscapers and designers about the beauty and ease of plumeria in the landscape.

In order to meet its educational outreach goals, the Society relies on donations from its members and the general public. If you have plumeria trees that need trimming, the Society has experienced members standing by ready to assist. All cuttings will be donated to the SCPS, which will sell the cuttings. All proceeds will go to the SCPS educational outreach fund.

Please email us at if you're interested in having trees trimmed.

NOTE: Orange County residents should feel free to contact our sister organization, the South Coast Plumeria Society, to ask about their tree-trimming services.