Lei Making Workshop
with Kumu Kapena  

Sunday, July 9
1 PM - 3:30 PM

Jean Farb Middle School
San Diego, CA 92124

Everyone welcome! (free admission)
Raffle and sales tables 
Scholarship cuttings for sale
Bring a dessert to share

PARKING NOTES: Ample parking is available on site and on nearby streets.

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    Calendar Contest

    The 2018 SCPS calendar contest is open! Current members only  may submit up to three photos.  All photos must be your own work. Subject may be any plumeria.  No photoshopping permitted.  Winning entries will receive a complimentary calendar. Submit your entries in jpg format  by July 5th to  maggieforys@earthlink.net  Our membership will be voting on the entries at our July meeting.

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    San Diego County Fair
    One day information booths
    June 18
    June 25

    Latest News

    • Tree trimming services for 2017 are now open. More information on our program here. Please contact us if you have plumeria trees that need trimming or would like to volunteer to trim trees. Please note: For tree trimming services in Orange County, please contact the South Coast Plumeria Society.
    • Our plumeria FAQ is here! Please don't buy a blue plumeria.

    Photos of SCPS 2016 Flower Show Winners

    Past Presentations Available

    Did you miss you miss Ampol's Inducing Plumeria Dwarfism presentation? It's available here!

    How about the amazing May 2016 presentation with Ernesto Sandovel, who has everyone quadrisecting/splitting the tips of their plumerias? It's available here.

    Carl Herzog's Aquaponics presentation from our August 2016 meeting is available here.

    David Mora's presentation on his modified grafting tool

    Greg Silverthorn's presentation, including great resources for budget-friendly soil amendment