Latest News

  • Next meeting is July 10, 2016, 1-3PM at Roosevelt Middle School: Sean Miller, insects and plumerias. It's going to be amazing!

  • As we move into spring, we want to know what varieties of plumeria did great in your garden and what croaked. Please take our survey.

  • Tree trimming services for 2016 are now closed for the year. More information on our program here. Please contact us if you have plumeria trees that need trimming or would like to volunteer to trim trees. Please note: For tree trimming services in Orange County, please contact the South Coast Plumeria Society.

  • Sometimes, with the best of intentions, errors go uncorrected for far too long. Here's the 2015 Flower Show winner list corrected.

  • Our meeting schedule for 2016 is up. The rest of our meeting this year will be at Roosevelt Middle School. All meetings will be from 1PM-3PM on Sundays.

  • Our plumeria FAQ is here! Please don't buy a blue plumeria.

  • David Mora's presentation on his modified grafting tool

  • Greg Silverthorn's presentation, including great resources for budget-friendly soil amendment

Flower Show 2015 Photo Album

2015 SCPS Flower Show Winners

Presentations Available

Did you miss our amazing February presentation? It's available here!

How about the amazing May presentation with Ernesto Sandovel, who has everyone quadrisecting/splitting the tips of their plumerias? It's available here.

Open Surveys

We want to hear from you! We've got one survey open right now:

  • Cold Hardiness Survey: tell us what survived the winter and what didn't, along with how you store them and what your climate is like.